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The Law Offices of Jeremy Flachs represent the surviving family members of loved ones who have received fatal injuries due to the recklessness or incompetence of others. We have a long history of securing compensation for wrongful death claims in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Damages for wrongful death can include funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and punitive damages from the parties responsible for a loved one’s death. The elements of a wrongful death recovery differ significantly between Virginia and the District of Columbia. If you or a loved one has recently suffered a loss due to the actions of others, contact the Law Offices of Jeremy Flachs for a free legal consultation today.

A Wrongful Death suit can be brought against anyone who caused the death of another due to negligence, recklessness, or lack of skill. This includes drunk driving, reckless driving, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, defective products or machinery, premises liability or physical assaults. In Virginia, in most instances the claim must be settled or a law suit filed within two (2) years of the wrongful act causing death. In the District of Columbia (DC), the claim must be settled or a law suit filed within one (1) year of the act causing death.

Types of Wrongful Death CasesDrunk Driving

When a person makes the decision to get behind the wheel after he’s been drinking, he is engaging in a reckless and criminal act. Drunk drivers took the lives of 359 Virginians in 2004 alone.

Reckless Driving

Alcohol consumption isn’t the only thing that causes deaths on our roads and highways. People who drive 20 miles or more over the speed limit or drive in excess of 80 miles an hour are engaging in reckless driving, and they are putting lives at risk. And it’s more widespread than you think. In 2002, Virginia State Police wrote 88,624 summons for reckless driving.

Institutional Abuse

Cases of abuse and negligence in prisons and nursing homes are a common occurrence. Quite often, the result of these cases is wrongful death. Malnutrition, inadequate medical care and undertrained employees are rampant at these institutions. Medical professionals are required to administer the best medical care possible, regardless of who their patients are and their circumstances. If a loved one died while incarcerated or institutionalized, and the circumstances seem suspicious, contact Jeremy Flachs for a free legal consultation.

Defective Products

Manufacturers of any product have a responsibility to the general public to ensure their products are not unreasonably dangerous. Unfortunately, there are many instances where this responsibility was ignored. Manufacturers have been known to use dangerous materials, use faulty or cheap assembly methods, or have failed to recognize potential dangers from misuse The reasons can be as simple as a mistake in the design or assembly process, but on occasion naked greed has been the contributing factor to thousands of product related deaths.

Products like asbestos, faulty intra-uterine devices, dangerous prescription drugs or poorly made automobiles have all resulted in deaths in Virginia and the District of Columbia (DC). If you have recently suffered a loss due to a product-related injury, The Law Offices of Jeremy Flachs can help.

Law Offices of Jeremy Flachs: Fighting for Survivors of Wrongful Death Cases in Virginia and D.C.

Anyone in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC (District of Columbia) who has suffered a loss due to wrongful death is eligible to pursue adequate compensation, but it’s rarely an open and shut case. People who bring wrongful death cases to court are expected to move quickly, and that can be difficult when they are in mourning and disoriented. An experienced attorney that can move a case forward with certainty and decisiveness is a crucial step towards obtaining the damages that a family members will need to compensate for their loss.

Any death in any family is a tragedy. But the damage and sense of loss is multiplied when the death is the result of the careless actions of others. The Law Offices of Jeremy Flachs will fight for fair and just compensation. If you have recently lost a loved one due to the negligence, recklessness or carelessness of another, call The Law Offices of Jeremy Flachs.

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